Silence it grows! came to the farm to film So Ca Pousse?

On a beautiful day in June, the Silence Ca Pousse team! came to the farm to film our work at Alors ça Pousse?


We were able to discuss the methods of permaculture, harvesting with the moon, living soil, gentle extraction of active ingredients by solarization, floral elixirs based on Doctor Bach's method, transformation in the laboratory with our unique formulas and making the body link. -emotion.

So it is with joy that I send you the link in replay for a month, the first broadcast took place this Friday, November 9, 2018 in the evening, there will be a replay on Saturday November 17 in the morning, and a last one on December 2 .

at 23min50 from the start.

We illustrated Slow Cosmetics, which has been dear to my heart from the start, and which I again thank for its work in disseminating real information on cosmetics.


I thank you very much also for all the orders, questions, subscriptions to the newsletters which abound. From informed individuals to professionals Slow, green, organic, boutiques, institutes, spas ... may new cutting-edge partners bring us the autumn wind!

I will be able to devote myself to a task that is dear to me, helping you reconnect with Nature, the seasons and therefore with yourself ... I wish you a very beautiful autumn, full of renewal and germination in the making <3


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