I understand myself therefore I take care of my inner radiance

I need spring, need of renewal, to let the sap rise in me. I have a rather rigid profile, I feel a little too much in the habits and imposed patterns, and I measure how unpleasant it is. I really want a change. As for my skin, it can be a sensitive and responsive . But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

In spring, the sap of the plants rises from the roots to the leaves, the buds hatch, the birds sing, it is renewal, life is blooming everywhere! You are feeling recharged . e see overload . e by winter, it is the sign that there are still things to leave behind (an old self can be). Old wounds to heal, old beliefs to clean up.

You are full . e of impulses, initiatives. It is the projects and adventures that guide you, multiple quests flood you. So, hold on to these energies full of spontaneity, carelessness to carry out your new beginnings, be confident . e and follow your spontaneous impulses rather than stopping them.

Let yourself be captivated by the children and their magic, watch them when they play and find this child's soul! Find this lightness to pass the heavy trials of life. Laugh, release your joy.

Listen to your inspirations, are you leaving walk in nature, walk on all kinds of paths, hug the trees and reconnect with your clean motions . Entrust to Nature what no longer needs to be in you, and connect with your childhood dreams. Dare to be different . e , yourself, genuine.

Our tips for Spring: It's time to loose r- outlet. The dominant element of this profile being the Wood , we are going to stimulate a beautiful and just dose of new energy, like that of the plants in spring which brings the buds blossoming , to promote your renewal.


I understand the links between my body and my mind, so I take care of my skin to shine better.

1. Energetic cleansing, change of skin!

Gum Balm

2. Let go of all the anger, the resentment, the knots of the past, which block my new impetus!

Purity Balm

3. Relaunch my vital and deep energy in my whole being, be reborn

Hand and Foot Balm