A little bit of everything : I am between several seasons at the moment…


I understand myself so I take care of my inner radiance

Need nothing in particular, and everything ... At the moment, I don't feel me not necessarily aligned . e , on my way. I need to take a moment to look at myself from above, to take a step back. Examine at this moment if I am exploring a path that is mine, if I can change direction, continue… in all conscience. I won't let life slip away, I'm going to make real choices, focus on myself. Physically, I can be in a period of fatigue, with irregularities in my meals and my emotions. As for how I feel on my skin, I can find myself having a dull complexion at times, and a little pale. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

The offseason is a small lapse of time that interferes between each season, which embodies the transition, the transformation. The passage from one state, from one season to a other. In the garden, c tis a moment that demands attention, because the borders are not purely and simply drawn between each season. Sometimes spring "comes" a bit quickly, the buds hatch, and the frost (remains of winter) jeopardizes the entire flowering and fruiting season.

For us it is a precious moment, it means that we are the caterpillar that will become a butterfly. Let's take the time to observe ourselves, to realize where we are in our life, in our year. What landmarks and old beliefs should I give to Mother Earth? What are the postures, the reactions that are based on impulses of the heart that are no longer useful to me today?

And what a project, what .the myself i want to be? What am I going to feed in me like emotions, like wishes, as new practices? Take the time to return to Earth, to practice down-to-earth activities in full awareness. For example, c uisine with maternal Love in each of your gestures, garden in alchemy with the Earth, blend in with Nature, make a clay receptacle for yourself, which will receive your candles, your wishes written on small pieces of paper ...

And finally, as many times as possible during the day, anchor yourself: Both feet firmly on the ground, standing, hip-width apart. Close your eyes and breathe deeply but gently. Visualize beautiful roots that start from your feet and go all the way to the bottom of Mother Earth, which go far, which are strong, with red highlights. They reach beautiful, luminous crystals, let your roots wrap around the giant crystals and vibrate with them. Breathe… Leave your emotional waste, your worries went to your roots to be recycled by the intense and nourishing light of the Earth. Thank her with your heart, sincerely. And feel how generously the crystals return you solidity, balance and support to better align with your self. Thank and breathe… AND when you feel it's time, come back to yourself completely and carry on with your day as well. anchored and on your way.


I understand the links between my body and my mind, so I take care of my skin to shine better

1. I let go of the trivia of the past

Gum Balm

2. I refocus gently

Botanical Potion

3. I feed on Mother Earth

Earth balm

4. I open my heart and I welcome the beauty of the world within me

Rose Serum

5. I encourage my transformations:

Energy balm