Soil life, essential for beautiful plants

All the plants that you find in our products come from our farm in Burgundy, and we use several cultivation methods, in order to obtain the best plants possible, from a physical and vibratory point of view.

Based on the obvious observation, relayed by researchers, that today's fruits and vegetables (and therefore plants too) were nothing more than empty nutritional shells, we decided to produce differently. Here is the basis of our cultural philosophy:

cultivation on living soils for better nutritional and energy quality of our flowers

We have decided to consider the Earth not as a simple support to fatten up to grow plants, but as our original matrix, maternal, feminine and which gives life. We have chosen to treat her with respect, by trying to understand who she is: a complex, multiple entity, a true ecosystem endowed with a creative energy.

Concretely, we collaborate with micro and macro-organisms, plants and animals, visible and invisible to the naked eye, which aerate the soil, make it loose and flexible, manage water, protect the soil if necessary, capture the nitrogen and trap carbon ...

All this life, these billions of little hands, bacteria, fungi, mites and other little animals are our daily allies in the garden. We are committed to protecting them, we cooperate.

So we feed not the soil or the plants, but the life of the soil to ensure its balance and fertility. In fact, the inputs are made assimilable for the plants in culture: it is humification. Humus, an ecological symbiosis. And we trust it, it's a no-till crop.

And to keep this incredible life in the ground, we straw. It also allows us to limit watering.

When you walk in the forest, do you think about it, do you smell that unique smell of humus?

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