I understand myself so I take care of my inner radiance

Need summer, need to fulfill myself by listening to my heart, and to be bathed . e in the mothering light, to be love. e . Right now, I don't feel good with myself or with others for that matter, I might tend to stay away from the world. As for how I feel on my skin, I can find myself at the moment with drawn features, a lack of radiance and tone, and I can develop a few small skin concerns from time to time (it's my protective barrier), or even buttons. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Summer is the season for flowering and fruit. This season in your life, or in a cycle, prompts you to be your own parent, mothering, and caring to yourself. It's time to take your place in the world, to celebrate and to create in all possible forms. Projects, experiments, inventions ... develop your receptivity, listen to your inner Fire (your heart) and take all the events of life as signs. And to discover yourself a little more, imagine the others as your own mirror, that of your shadows as of your lights.

Go in the wind for a walk, to breathe to feel connected with the All, the cosmos. Walk around - you in the undergrowth, near the waterfalls and spend time in Nature, observe the herbs, the flowers, listen to the birds, insects etc all life, in a beautiful spirit of gratitude. Enter the world of the felt, meditate in connection with Mother Earth and offer him your emotional burdens.

Take care of yourself, your heart, your body, your time, your inner temple… to be able to give generously, and to encourage nourishing and fertile encounters. This is the time to recreate your own yourself, reconnecting with your inner truth.

Our tips for summer : It's time to re-enchant your daily life, and to reincarnate with Love . The dominant element of this profile being fire , we will connect you to this energetic flame, this enchanting magic, to promote your renewal from your heart.


I understand the links between my body and my mind, so I take care of my skin to shine better

1. Purify my heart and my body

Purity Balm

2. I anchor myself, I live fully in my body

Earth balm

3. I connect to my Beauty and my inner strength

Botanical Potion

4. I open my heart and love myself

Rose Serum