I understand myself so I take care of my inner radiance

Need autumn, need calm and relax Right now I can feel stressed, and I feel overwhelmed by worries, my state of mind is pulling sometimes towards sadness . Lately I tend to pass the others before me, and it's time to change roles! For my feelings on the body level, I do not find myself enough fluid . If I look at my skin, I'll go there at find a little dull , sometimes with "weird" reactions. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Autumn is the season when plants bring their sap back down to their roots; like them, we need this moment to return inside us, to concentrate our energy within, by allowing ourselves moments of renewal, of visiting ourselves. Once again, we will take the time to be with ourselves, to take care of our body and our soul.

Now is the time to broaden your outlook on life, awaken your consciousness, redevelop your imagination, get back to dreaming and refine your third eye. Pay attention to your dreams, which point you to possible paths. Be creative .ve : writing, singing, dancing, gardening etc , let go of everyday norms. Be the magician of your life In you focusing on your personal power.

It's time to awaken the cleaver in you and to sort the good seeds from the bad seeds, prepare for your future success and success. Get outside, walk barefoot and reconnect with Mother Earth, and breathe deeply. Inhale the scent of the leaves, of the flowers, of the Earth, and let this air open up to yourself. Warm, g strive for times of calm and rest.

Our tips for Autumn: it's time to reconnect to y our gasoline, v bone emotions for better breathing happiness and lightness of life. The dominant element of this profile being Metal , we will connect you to this sharp and fair blade , which will cut the unnecessary to reconnect you to your inner treasure.


I understand the links between my body and my mind, so I take care of my skin to shine better

1. I refocus, I go down to my roots with confidence

Premier Balm

2. I open my heart and i see beauty in all things

Rose Serum

3. I circulate a new, fresher energy deep inside me, which frees me

Hand and Foot Balm

4. I free myself

Relaxation balm