The energy of the seasons: my in and out beauty diagnosis

If we are to flourish in our life, let us follow the known rhythms of the essence of life: gardening, sowing, planting, and dying and being reborn in accordance with the cycles of the seasons of the Earth. So we can pick and harvest.

1. How do you live your skin?

Which of the following best suits you?

AT. sensitive and responsive

B. a few small skin concerns and / or lack of tone

vs. oily and / or dull

D. normal to dry

2. How do you feel about your body?

I feel :

AT. normal build

B. too thin, sometimes lacking in tone

vs. Overweight

D. harmonious, full of strength

3. Which sentence best defines your state of mind:

I feel rather ...

AT. perfectionist : I like things just and well done

B. often in the moonlight, spiritual : the material world hardly interests me

vs. essential: I help those around me enormously

D. I go to the end of things

4 / What is the need that most closely matches your current state?

I need...

AT. to let go, to balance

B. to bring me together /Support

vs. air, freedom

D. to live the present moment, of serenity

Maximum of A: Spring

Maximum of B; Summer

Maximum of C: Fall

Maximum of D: Winter

A can of everything: Mid-Season