Seasonal emotional profile: I am Spring

My emotional profile of the season, I am in tune with the Spring season

I am Spring at the moment ...


I need spring, need air. I have a rather rigid profile, I feel a little too much in the habits and imposed patterns, and I measure how unpleasant it is. In general, to feel good, I have a healthy lifestyle, athletic or with special diets, I make sure I do everything for the best. But but but… it can sometimes lack pleasure, spontaneity all that! I really want a change 😉. As for my skin, it can be a bit dry. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Our advice for Spring: It's time to let go, we offer an emotional and physical detox cure, and a circulation of new energies inside and outside with a suitable selection of So That Grows? The dominant element of this profile being Air, we are going to boost a nice and just dose of storm, to promote your renewal.

In spring, the sap of the plants rises from the roots to the leaves, the buds hatch, the birds sing, it is renewal, life is blooming everywhere! You feel recharged or even overloaded by winter, this is a sign that there are still things to leave behind (an old self can be). Old wounds to heal, old beliefs to clean up.

You are full of impetus, of initiatives. It is the projects and adventures that guide you, multiple quests flood you. So, hold on to these energies full of spontaneity, recklessness to carry out your new beginnings, be confident and follow your spontaneous impulses rather than slowing them down.

Let yourself be captivated by the children and their magic, watch them when they play and find this child's soul! Find this lightness to pass the heavy trials of life. Laugh, release your joy.

Listen to your inspirations, go for a walk in nature, cross paths of all kinds, dip your hands in the fresh water sources, sit at the water's edge to meditate and connect with your childhood dreams. Dare to be different, yourself, authentic.

Our ritual So Ca Pousse? offers :

- The Gum Balm:

which is our cleanser / exfoliator / makeup remover. To be used in the evening, after a full and active day or even on weekends . It is so soft that you can use it every night. Very closely linked to spring, it will act as a strong physical and emotional detoxifier. Hazelnut and sunflower oils, charcoal, honey are ideal for melting makeup, pollution and whatever comes in and wants out on the surface. Plants like soapweed or yarrow have been precious allies of women for a long time, their role will be to cleanse, sanitize, and tighten pores. They are also valid for men in their daily cleaning ritual of course! The surprising slightly exfoliating texture is due to the hemp paste, which will illuminate the complexion. At the vibratory level, you need to let go, to cleanse too. The flower essences of wild apple, Belle de nuit and agremoine purify the feeling of your body, promote unity in you, by accepting you and letting go of the mask of the day.

To use it, just take half a dab of balm and put several points on the face. Using your fingertips, make circular movements all over your face (even on the eyes for makeup removal, unless your eyes are very sensitive, do it with a vegetable oil).

Rinse with the Botanical Potion (or with your favorite floral water), using a washable wipe or cotton. Complete with your favorite facial treatment ( Premier Balm or from Earth ).

-The Purity Balm:

for the body, you need it to do a great emotional and physical cleansing. This balm is aptly named, it is designed to connect you with that light energy, of renewal, of Purity.

The plants chosen such as climbing ivy, cypress twigs, vines and mint have powerful anti-cellulite and circulatory actions that have been recognized since the dawn of time. Field and tree flower essences will help you initiate the necessary changes (walnut, bramble), and leave the past behind you, to take this saving emotional vibratory shower (wild apple, brunelle, wild garlic, elderberry) .

To use it, it is imperative to immerse yourself in a treatment of 21 to 28 days in order to notice a change. You have two options for taking care of your body with the Purity Balm.

Either when you get out of the shower, you take one to several hazelnuts of balm to heat in your hands, and you apply it all over the body, like body milk in short.

Either you choose to use it only on a few points of the body in order to re-harmonize yourself (inside of the wrists, solar plexus, arches of the feet) and on the areas to be treated (thighs, stomach, etc.), remember to listen to your instincts.

-Hand and Foot Balm:

thanks to this balm intended for your hands and your feet, we will revive the vital energy in all your body. We're going to create that much-needed spring swirl.

For your body, it will of course nourish, repair the small ailments of the delicate skin of these places, and protect your extremities during your professional activities or your escapades in nature. The synergy of comfrey, lavender, calendula and mallow are favorable to your protection after this great cleansing. The chosen flower essences bring you vitality in order to harmonize you with this Spring which calls you! And finally, all circulations (body and energy) are revived with vine, peppermint, comfrey and bramble.

To use it, choose your favorite time, morning or evening and keep a quiet space and a few minutes all to yourself. Take a tiny amount of the Hands and Feet balm, and massage the feet first, then the other, breathing and meditating calmly, with the awareness of eliminating all tension, and giving you real strength to walk. new in your own way! Then move on to hands, one then the other, with in mind all the gratitude possible for your hands which show you your way, and which act to bring you closer to your goal. Finish with a deep breath so you can come back here and now.

Bringing together all this selection, The Spring box is offered with agate applicator , in order to take advantage of the virtues of stones to best match your emotional season. Agate has been carefully selected, cleaned, recharged and programmed to be your ally. This stone brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages. It brings self-confidence and inner calm.

And always the face ritual for all "magic face"

- Botanical Potion

-Premium balm

-The Baume de Terre once a week or as a daily night care

Tell us all about your seasonal and emotional experiences!

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