100% unique products

Welcome to your new ritual

So Ca Pousse is more than a cosmetics company. We are a daily reminder to slow down, breathe, love and experience life. We are the sum of the things we've done, the people we love, and the places we've been.

So Ca Pousse is a cosmetics brand unlike any other ...

We have chosen not to promise you to find your baby skin again, but rather to find your child's soul.

Considering that the skin is the mirror of our emotions, we have designed sacred and unique formulas for body and soul, thanks to the power of flower essences. The quality and concentration of plant active ingredients are ensured through on-farm production of the entire process, from growing the plants, passing through gentle extractions to shipping. All the stages are done in harmony with the lunar cycles.

Our values

1. We help people first

2. We are, above all, kind and compassionate

3. We explore new ideas

4. We do what we can with what we have.

5. We tirelessly strive for perfection, accepting that we will never get there.

6. We are a big family

7. We think slowly. Then we act quickly

8. We are a haven for your skin and your mind

9. Bring love and happiness

10. Bring the vibration of plants to our balms