I understand myself so I take care of my inner radiance.

Need winter, need rest and serenity . At the moment, I no longer take the time to face myself, I try to control everything and it starts to tire me. Physically, I live quite well, I find myself harmonious, and I like sport. It is also possible that I have just passed a difficult period, whether it is an illness or heavy emotions to deal with. As for how I feel on my skin, I would say it would be tending normal to dry . But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Winter is the time of dormancy. From the outside we don't see any changes, but inside, it's bubbling, it's full of lives in the making.

Connected to the 'Water , only .e with himself and the life force , to understand all the magic. It is the moment of transformations, of death which allows the arrival of the future renewal. Crucial time to rest and prepare for spring next . We recharge, warm up, we simmer our new ourselves.

You have no more energy, you need to find yourself, seu the with yourself. Take the time to listen to your body, which needs to rest to see more clearly, to gain height. If you can, practice calm meditations. Turn a page, let certain situations settle, let go of your old beliefs, so that you are ready to listen to your heart, for the new cycle to come.

Let go of the rational and unconscious fears, observe what is happening beyond appearances, events, others. Listen and develop your feelings, your wild being, of natural and sacred beauty.

Be a good father and mother to yourself, love yourself, and cherish those around you. Connect to the energy of the Turtle, so calm and powerful at the same time, make each gesture consciously, adopt the slowness to see more clearly.

Our advice for Winter : it's time to let go . The dominant element of this profile being Water , we are going to link you to this gentle energetic fluidity, to promote your renewal in each of your cells.


I understand the links between my body and my mind, so I take care of my skin to shine better

1. I lower my energy to my center to secure myself

Earth balm

2. I relax and connect to the softness of the water

Botanical Potion

3. I open my heart and I find my sensuality

Rose Serum

4. I feed my inner calm and my kindness

Energy balm