Emotional profile of the season: I am Summer

My emotional profile of the season, I am in tune with the summer season
I am Summer at the moment ...

Need for summer, need to be bathed in mothering light, to be cocooned. Right now, I don't feel good with myself or with others for that matter, I might tend to stay away from the world. I often find my body at odds with my desires (either too thin or too fat), I have (phew!) A distorted view of my physical reality. I tend to eat very little or too much, I often find myself in the extremes! As for how I feel on my skin, I can find myself at the moment with drawn features, a lack of radiance or too oily skin (this is my protective barrier), or even pimples. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Our advice for Summer: It's time to learn to live lightly, we offer a selection of products that will cleanse and repair, allow you to let go of old habits and beliefs, to live your life to the fullest.

The dominant element of this profile being Water, we will connect you to this energy cascade, to promote your renewal.

Summer is the season for flowering and fruit. The stalls are overflowing with fruits and vegetables, sunny, juicy, full of vitality.

This season in your life, or in a cycle, prompts you to be your own parent, mothering, and caring to yourself. It's time to take your place in the world, to celebrate and to create in all possible forms. Projects, experiments, inventions… develop your receptivity, and take all the events of life as signs. And to discover yourself a little more, imagine the others as your own mirror, that of your shadows as of your lights.

Go in the wind for a walk, to breathe to feel connected with the All, the cosmos. Take a walk in the undergrowth, near the waterfalls and spend time in Nature, observe the herbs, the flowers, listen to the birds, insects etc. all forms of life, in a beautiful spirit of gratitude. Enter the world of the felt, meditate in connection with Mother Earth and offer her your emotional burdens.

Take care of yourself, your heart, your body, your time, your inner temple… to be able to give generously, and to encourage nourishing and fertile encounters. Now is the time to re-create your own, reconnecting with your inner truth.

Our So It Grows Ritual? offers :

-The Purity Balm:

For the body, you need it to do a great emotional and physical cleansing. This balm is aptly named, it is designed to connect you with that light energy, of renewal, of Purity.

The plants chosen as climbing ivy, cypress twigs, vines, mint have powerful anti-cellulite and circulatory actions that have been recognized since the dawn of time. Field and tree flower essences will help you initiate the necessary changes (walnut, bramble), and leave the past behind you, to take this saving emotional vibratory shower (wild apple, brunelle, wild garlic, elderberry) .

To use it, it is imperative to immerse yourself in a treatment of 21 to 28 days in order to notice a change. You have two options for taking care of your body with the Purity Balm.

Either when you get out of the shower, you take one to several hazelnuts of balm to heat in your hands, and you apply it all over the body, like body milk in short.

Either you choose to use it only on a few points of the body in order to re-harmonize yourself (inside of the wrists, solar plexus, arches of the feet) and on the areas to be treated (thighs, stomach, etc.), remember to listen to your instincts.

-The Botanical Potion:

For face and hair. This synergy of flower waters and vibrant elixirs bring you that cascade of flowers and water that you so much need during this season. . It is water that cleanses, refreshes and thrills all of your senses. It is the alchemy of cornflower and chamomile known for their soothing benefits and other subtle extracts that take you into your dreams, even in broad daylight. Something to be anchored but calm, in this new inner silence.

To use it, you just need a few pressures on the spray to diffuse the mist on your face. Think of the Botanical Potion as your floral water or your tonic: it can be used under a day balm like the Premier Balsam, or to rinse off the Baume de Terre in the early morning.

- The Earth Balm:

It is the regenerating mask, often used in night care. It is the perfect face ally for this summer period in your cycle or in your life. Its ingredients are drawn from the heart of Mother Earth, clay and wild and cultivated plants. It is one of your flagship products, where everyone will get what they need. It is a very effective anti-fatigue, and it works gently, with extracts of mallow, comfrey, calendula which will soothe, repair and soften the tissues and much more ... Green clay completes the formula with its intense restorative powers, and accompanies the necessary cleansing and purification of the skin. On an emotional level, it regenerates and stimulates your inner strengths, those which must remain solid, in place for a good anchorage.

To use it, take a little time to yourself at night before bed. Cleanse your face (with the Gum Balm and a rinse with the Botanical Potion for example). Take a deep breath, and instill in you a feeling of gratitude, of love for yourself and what surrounds you. If you are in front of a mirror, smile at yourself and tell yourself inwardly how much you love yourself. Take a confetti of the Baume de Terre and apply it all over your face and neck, focusing on your gratitude. At the end, take a good breath again.

Bringing together all this selection, The summer box is offered with agate applicator , in order to take advantage of the virtues of stones to best match your emotional season. Agate has been carefully selected, cleaned, recharged and programmed to be your ally. This stone brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages. It brings self-confidence and inner calm.

And always face products in addition to this routine:

-Premium balm

-The Gum Balm at least once a week, at best every day

Tell us all about your seasonal and emotional experiences!

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merci de ce diagnostic qui me rappelle bien les énergies de la médecine chinoise. comme quoi; tout se tiend!
je ne manquerai pas de vous passer une commande à mon retour de vacances .
Élisabeth de Vendeuvre

de Vendeuvre July 19, 2019

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