Emotional profile of the season: I am Autumn

My seasonal emotional profile, I'm in tune with the Fall season
I'm Autumn right now ...
saison automne émotionnelle Alors Ca Pousse? cosmetique holistqiue

Need for autumn, need for calm and to relax Right now I can feel stressed, even anxious about everything and for everything. I have a lot of problems, I feel overwhelmed by worries, my state of mind pulls towards the negative. Lately, I tend to sacrifice myself or put others before me, and it's time to change roles! For my feelings on the body level, I do not find myself toned enough, I live with a soft skin and body. If I look at my skin, I will find it red, sensitive, sometimes with "weird" reactions. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Our advice for Autumn: it's time to learn to attach yourself to yourself, to love yourself. We offer a selection of products specially designed for those moments of relaxation and envelopment that you so badly need in this emotional season. Again, you will circulate the energies within you, you will warm your inner being, and you will be able to relax, nourish and protect your cocoon.

The dominant element of this profile being Fire, we will connect you to this energetic flame, this enchanting magic, to promote your renewal.

Autumn is the season when plants bring their sap back down to their roots; like them, we need this moment to return inside us, to concentrate our energy within, by allowing ourselves moments of renewal, of visiting ourselves. Once again, we will take the time to be with ourselves, to take care of our body and our soul.

Now is the time to broaden your outlook on life, awaken your consciousness, redevelop your imagination, get back to dreaming and refine your third eye. Pay attention to your dreams, which point you to possible paths. Be creative: writing, singing, dancing, gardening etc, let go of everyday norms. And "affirm your truth by striving to always walk your word" ("The Four Toltec Agreements", Don Miguel Ruiz), be the magician of your life by focusing on your personal power.

You are supported by your feminine and masculine vibrations in balance, combining your instincts and your actions, it is time to ignite your inner fire, prepare your future successes and successes. Beware of an excess of uncontrolled fire, however, if it is the case, play sports, release this fire, and keep your times of calm and rest.

Our So It Grows Ritual? offers :

-The Premier Balm:

It is your favorite daily care, used as a day and night cream. For Autumn it is especially suitable because you need protection and return to yourself . Walnut, St. John's Wort and elderberry extracts ensure your protection and regeneration of your interior structure. Lilac will allow you a fluid adaptation, a way to travel in and out easily and in full awareness. Calendula extracts strengthen protection and provide tissue repair and elasticity, and abundant nourishment for your face. Formulated without essential oils, based on local and precious vegetable oils like hemp, all the quirks that your skin might do are calmed, soothed. Chamomile finally brings serenity and happiness, necessary for every day, at work and at rest.

To use it, keep a moment of calm just for yourself. Take a deep breath and breathe out releasing all tension. Repeat if necessary until you feel refocused. If you are in front of a mirror, take the opportunity to smile at yourself and admire your reflection, tell yourself and feel like you are good this morning or this evening. Then take a confetti of Premier Balm and apply it on the face and neck, with deep gratitude for this body and this spirit so lively and full of joys, fire and love for oneself!

Thank from the bottom of your heart, and take a deep breath again, exhale to move into this new moment.

-Hand and Foot Balm:

Thanks to this balm intended for your hands and feet, we will revive the vital energy throughout your body. We're going to create that much-needed fall whirlwind.

For your body, it will of course nourish, repair the small ailments of the delicate skin of these places, and protect your extremities during your professional activities or your escapades in nature. The synergy of comfrey, lavender, calendula and mallow are favorable to your protection after this return to yourself. The chosen flower essences bring you vitality in order to harmonize you with this autumn which calls you! And finally, all the circulations (bodily and energetic) are revived with the vine, the peppermint, the comfrey and the bramble.

To use it, choose your favorite time, morning or evening and keep a quiet space and a few minutes all to yourself. Take a tiny amount of the Hands and Feet balm, and massage the feet first, then the other, breathing and meditating calmly, with the awareness of eliminating all tension, and giving you real strength to walk. new in your own way! Then move on to hands, one then the other, with in mind all the gratitude possible for your hands which show you your way, and which act to bring you closer to your goal. End with a deep breath so you can come back here and now .

-The Relaxation Balm:

For the body you need it for letting go emotionally, physically and mentally. This balm is aptly named, it is designed to connect you with this energy that leads to dreams, gently inside you.

The chosen plants, some of which you know well, such as true lavender or Roman chamomile, have been used for millennia to soothe, calm and deeply relax. Go back inside yourself, take care of your body, unblock knots with subtle extracts of dandelion, peach and comfrey. In terms of wrapping, vegetable, local and precious oils like hemp are perfect, while letting the skin breathe and feel non-greasy.

To use it, it is imperative to immerse yourself in a treatment of 21 to 28 days in order to notice a change. You have two options for taking care of your body with the Relaxation Balm.

Either when you get out of the shower, you take one to several hazelnuts of balm to heat in your hands, and you apply it all over the body, like body milk in short.

Either you choose to use it only on a few points of the body in order to re-harmonize yourself (inside of the wrists, solar plexus, arches of the feet) and on the areas to be treated (belly, neck, trapezius etc.), remember to listen to your instincts.

Bringing together all this selection, The Autumn box is offered with agate applicator , in order to take advantage of the virtues of stones to best match your emotional season. Agate has been carefully selected, cleaned, recharged and programmed to be your ally. This stone brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages. It brings self-confidence and inner calm.

And always face products in addition to this routine:

-The Earth Balm: generous night mask / treatment, once a week or as a daily night care

-The Gum Balm : at least once a week, at best every day to cleanse / exfoliate / remove makeup

-The Botanical Potion : ideal for rinsing off the Gum Balm, and as a complement to facials

Tell us all about your seasonal and emotional experiences!

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