Seasonal emotional profile: I am Winter

My emotional profile of the season, I am in tune with the winter season
I am Winter at the moment ...
diagnostice emotionnel hiver holistique cosmetique alors ca pousse

Need for winter, need for vitality and warmth. At the moment I am a little too "in control", to manage everything and all the time, thoroughly. I no longer take the time to face myself, and it starts to tire me. Physically, I live quite well, I find myself harmonious, and I like sport. As an athlete, I will often draw on this season. It is also possible that I have just passed a difficult period, whether it is an illness or heavy emotions to deal with. As for how I feel on my skin, I would say it tends to be dry and dehydrated. But I begin the process of diving into the nature of my skin and my body. I discover that my being extends well beyond the limits of my epidermis ...

Our advice for Winter: it's time to let go. We offer a regenerating and revitalizing cure, which will maintain and brighten the inner fire, preparing the best for the coming spring. The selection of So That Grows? also protects and repairs tissue, connects you deeply to Mother Earth, to yourself.

The dominant element of this profile being the Earth, we are going to infuse you with this just dose of Nature, vibrant and full of wisdom, to promote your renewal.

Winter is the time of dormancy. From the outside we don't see any changes, but inside, it's bubbling, it's full of lives in the making.

Connected to the Earth, alone with you, to understand all its magic. It is the moment of transformations, of death which allows the arrival of the future renewal. A crucial moment of rest and preparation for spring. We recharge, warm up, we simmer our new ourselves.

You have no more energy, you need to find yourself, alone with yourself. Take the time to listen to your body, which needs to rest to see more clearly, to gain height. If you can, practice calm meditations. Turn a page, let certain situations settle, let go of your old beliefs, so that you are ready to listen to your heart, for the new cycle to come.

Let go of the rational, observe what happens beyond appearances, events, others. Listen and develop your feelings, your wild being, of natural and sacred beauty.

Be a good father and mother to yourself, love yourself, and cherish those around you. If you can, garden by clearing the ground, taking care of houseplants.

Our So It Grows Ritual? offers :

-The Earth Balm:

It is the regenerating mask, often used in night care. It is the perfect face ally for this winter period in your cycle or in your life. Its ingredients are drawn from the heart of Mother Earth, clay and wild and cultivated plants. It is one of your flagship products, where everyone will get what they need. It is a very effective anti-fatigue, smoothing agent, and it acts gently, with extracts of mallow, comfrey, calendula which will soothe, repair and soften the tissues and much more ... Green clay completes the formula with its intense restorative powers , and support the necessary winter regeneration of the skin. On an emotional level, it promotes introspection and stimulates your inner strengths, those which must remain solid, in place for a good anchorage.

To use it, take a little time to yourself at night before bed. Cleanse your face (with the Gum Balm and a rinse with the Botanical Potion for example). Take a deep breath, and instill in you a feeling of gratitude, of love for yourself and what surrounds you. If you are in front of a mirror, smile at yourself and tell yourself inwardly how much you love yourself. Take a confetti of the Baume de Terre and apply it all over your face and neck, focusing on your gratitude. At the end, take a nice breath again .

-Hand and Foot Balm:

Thanks to this balm intended for your hands and feet, we will revive the vital energy throughout your body. We're going to create that much-needed inner flame of winter.

For your body, it will of course nourish, repair the small ailments of the delicate skin of these places, and protect your extremities during your professional activities or your escapades in nature. The synergy of comfrey, lavender, calendula and mallow are favorable to your protection after this return to yourself. The chosen flower essences bring you vitality in order to harmonize you with this winter which calls you! And finally, all the circulations (bodily and energetic) are revived with the vine, the peppermint, the comfrey and the bramble.

To use it, choose your favorite time, morning or evening and keep a quiet space and a few minutes all to yourself. Take a tiny amount of the Hands and Feet balm, and massage the feet first, then the other, breathing and meditating calmly, with the awareness of eliminating all tension, and giving you real strength to walk. new in your own way! Then move on to hands, one then the other, with in mind all the gratitude possible for your hands which show you your way, and which act to bring you closer to your goal. End with a deep breath so you can come back here and now .

-The Energy Balm:

For the body, you need it to wake up all your sleeping senses, warm your heart and your body. This balm is aptly named, it is designed to connect you with this regenerating, warm and joyful energy!

Selected plants such as peppermint or bay laurel have been used for millennia to provide vitality and energy. They stimulate the body and the mind, heat the muscles and prepare them for a sporting event if necessary. Keep in mind that at the Olympic Games of yesteryear, the laurel was already used in physical preparation, with in addition its superb symbolic value of courage and victory (it can help for your next marathon 😉). To regain all your vitality, the subtle extracts of comfrey, peach and wild garlic release tension and energy blockages. And finally the cherry blossom and that of nasturtium bring warmth, joy and good humor. A state of mind where we see the great opportunities in life!

To use it, it is imperative to immerse yourself in a treatment of 21 to 28 days in order to notice a change. You have two options for taking care of your body with the Energy Balm.

Either when you get out of the shower, you take one to several hazelnuts of balm to heat in your hands, and you apply it all over the body, like body milk in short. For sports preparations, you massage the areas to be heated (thighs, calves, etc.).

Either you choose to use it only on a few points of the body in order to re-harmonize yourself (inside of the wrists, solar plexus, arches of the feet) and on the areas to be treated (lower back, third eye, belly, etc.), remember to listen your instinct.

Bringing together all this selection, The winter box is offered with agate applicator , in order to take advantage of the virtues of stones to best match your emotional season. Agate has been carefully selected, cleaned, recharged and programmed to be your ally. This stone brings emotional, physical and intellectual balance by eliminating energy blockages. It brings self-confidence and inner calm.

And always face products in addition to this routine:

-Premium balm as a day / night facial treatment

-The Gum Balm to cleanse / remove make-up / exfoliate, at least once a week, at best every day

-The Botanical Potion: to rinse cleansing, in addition to facial balms in the routine

Tell us all about your seasonal and emotional experiences!

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