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Gaëlle Péchot, a young farmer and herbalist, wants to renovate an old barn into a multi-purpose building to develop her range of organic cosmetics.

So It Grows? the concept: from seed to pot

My name is Gaëlle Pechot , I am 34 years old, I am farmer and herbalist . I created the brand "So, Does It Grow?" in August 2013 in Frébuans in the Jura. This brand offers an alternative range of cosmetics, based on products from local organic producers . I grow most of the medicinal plants and process everything myself. I make flower essences and balms from the active ingredients of my plants in my laboratory.

The whole process is done on the farm, on site, to guarantee real quality. My goal is to create peasant cosmetics , from plants and nature. This is why I made a range of 7 balms according to our moods, our inner state to let the essences make our beauty shine!

Economical and ecological cosmetics!

My range of cosmetics is at a minimum 99% organic (the 1% corresponds to water full of flower extracts), 100% natural, alive and active, without coloring or preservative, without synthetic products and without paraben. My whole range is Nature & Progress certified and benefits from the mention Slow Cosmetics .

I made the choice to create creams without water to avoid the introduction of preservatives and the over-use of the product. A jar of concentrated balm is the equivalent of 5 jars of cream , they last 3 to 4 months with daily use.

I am for the return to an authentic cosmetic production. Beauty products should only be made with products from nature and without chemicals.

My partner-producers or the other producers with whom I work:

  • Claude Buchot, the organic winegrower : I use its alcohol, its flowers and vine leaves.
  • Guy Bailly, the organic beekeeper : I use its propolis, antiseptic and natural healing.
  • Michel Charreyron, the artisan organic oil cruet : I select its sunflower and hemp oil
  • Nicolas Delval, organic producer of essential oils : I recover its essential oils, real “physical” and “vibratory” concentrates, thanks to this gentle and unique extraction!

D plantations inspired by permaculture

Inspired by the principles of permaculture, I succeeded in obtaining plants that are more and more alive, in good health, in abundance. I also follow the lunar calendar for my harvests and my pickings.

My medicinal plantations : calendula, Mauritanian mallow, German chamomile, peppermint, cornflower, soapwort, rose, peony, bay laurel, true lavender, comfrey, rosemary, nettle, nasturtium ...

My wild pickings : St. John's wort, elderberry, walnut, brunelle, lilac, vine, box, peach, cherry and wild apple, wild garlic, bramble, dandelion, climbing ivy ...

But why "So, It Grows?" ?

This is the question I have heard the most since I put my hands in the dirt. I love to answer “Yes! ”, Even if the seasons are not alike. The project has been in place for several years now, it pushes, pushes….

My project: renovate an old barn into a multi-purpose building

After 5 years of research, I finally found a family farm "Ma ferme du Bonheur". The retired couple have stopped their breeding activities (chickens, cows for milk and calves) and the children do not want to take over the operation. Le ferme du Coreau, located in Saillenard, has 2 hectares of land, with an agricultural building of 250m2 on the ground.

My project is therefore to rehabilitate the place to give me more working comfort and develop my production and processing activity. I would like to renovate it with traditional ecological materials and methods (lime, hemp, wood, terracotta and raw). This multi-purpose building will accommodate:

  • my processing laboratory for the preparation and storage of cosmetics
  • a corner shop for the direct sale at the farm of my cosmetics and other productions in the same spirit
  • a activity room dedicated to workshops (transformation of plants in cooking, cosmetics, permaculture, etc.) from the farm or from outside stakeholders

What will the money be used for?

With 10,000 euros : I will be able to finish the basic work (roof, water and electricity connection), the insulation and the lime floors of the building.

With 20,000 euros : I will set up my transformation laboratory and storage space.

With 30,000 euros : I will set up a dryer for medicinal plants upstairs to carry out the macerations as and when. Thus, no loss or out of stock! The surplus will be sold in the form of dry plants (herbal teas, etc.).

Why crowdfunding?

The donation with counterpart is a solution for me, in order to continue the adventure, to encourage beautiful encounters and to discover the practices around herbalism. I look forward to meeting you and passing on some of my knowledge to you. Thank you in advance !

To recover its counterpart

  • Free at the farm
  • Delivery in addition (between 5 and 8 euros depending on the counterparties), Metropolitan France only (please fill in your postal address on your Blue Bees account!)

Good reasons to support my project:

  • Support organic agricultural production
  • Participate in the development of a virtuous micro-farm
  • Encourage a craft activity and 100% made in local
  • Take advantage of a future permaculture reception area , reign of plants, and abundance of nature and energetic vibrations
  • Save an abandoned farm and give it a second life



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