A holistic vision, what is it for?

In So it grows ? we are committed to working with a very special vision ... a holistic view . For me, Gaëlle, creator of the brand, I do not design products with plants, but treatments that encompass your body, your skin, but also your history, your emotions, your life.

Our personalized diagnosis focused on your current emotional season (because everything is temporary) is there for help you chart your way , know where you are at the moment T, which rituals (meditative, respiratory, emotional and care) are best suited for your personal development, find your inner child.

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And I want to talk to you about naturopathy today ;-) because that is precisely the subject.

Naturopathy is holistic medicine, that is to say, medicine which takes into account the individual as a whole and tends to act on the cause and not on the symptoms of the patient. Naturopathy involves several techniques to help the patient, such as nutrition , which is fundamental to getting even better, or the energetic care , the vibratory massage , breathing techniques etc. During the first consultation, the naturopath performs a review in order to know the habits of life, the diet, the sleep, the practiced sport or the health problems. He can then advise the patient to optimize his mental and physical state.

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The benefits:

Naturopathic medicine can be used for various and varied problems. Indeed, naturopathy can help improve stress management, premenstrual symptoms, help weight loss, strengthen the immune system or even fight against allergies, or even help quitting smoking. Apart from the problems, one can also consult to improve his energy, his vitality, his connection with Self and nature ...

Adeline Gaillot: naturopath at So That Pousse?


You can meet Adeline Gaillot, naturopath, at the firm of Then Ca Pousse, for consultations. She exercises energy and vibratory care, shamanic care, habitat geobiology for example. Workshops and activities in the form of training courses are also organized by him, in particular training courses "to meet the sacred feminine" or "Discovery of shamanism" over 2 days.


In addition to pamper you:

We have Ayurvedic treatments from Sandra, who comes once a month to offer massages for the whole body and your whole being: the Abhyanga massage ...

I will write an article soon, is this a subject that you would like?

Happy New Year to all, full of joy, happiness, abundance and spirituality!

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