Flower essences in cosmetics?

Bach Flowers, my first passion:

elixir rose

I discovered Bach flowers by chance, more than 10 years ago ... At the time, neither hot nor cold, then, when I tasted a personalized mixture, which corresponded to me ... nicely d The emotions came out, and I connected to them. A rather strange inner sweetness. We tell you more about this holistic vision that taught me everything ;-)

They were developed by Doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s, strongly inspired by the peoples who already practiced this "medicine". He was not satisfied with the way to treat the patients: to cure the disease without taking into account the whole people. This is how he began research on plants and developed the 38 "remedies" for Bach Flowers. These aim to heal a character trait or an emotional state whether it is temporary or more lasting. There are two methods of making these remedies: by solarization, the freshly picked flowers are placed in a bowl of water in the sun, then by diluting several times with alcohol and water, the remedies are obtained. The second method is by boiling the picked plants, covered with water, everything is brought to a boil. Dilutions are also made to obtain the final remedy.

"Pay no attention to the disease. Just think about the perspective the suffering person has on life."

Dr Edward Bach

maceration fleurs

Different methods of plant extraction:

There are many methods to extract the active ingredients from plants. Here are the ones we prefer at So Ca Pousse?

Extractions in water , as we have just seen, we obtain flower essences. We recover the "vibratory message" of the plant, information that harmonizes our emotions, in subtlety.

Macerations : we pick the flowers every summer day, and put them in maceration in local vegetable oils, in large stainless steel barrels or glass demijohns. For some plants, we put them to macerate in organic and local grape alcohol to find other active ingredients that interest us.

Distillation : to obtain essential oils and hydrosols (floral water). We work with good quality producers for essential oils, because you need a large cultivation area. We distill our chamomile and blueberry that you find in the Botanical Potion ;-)

Considering that the skin is the mirror of our emotions, we have designed sacred and unique formulas for body and soul, thanks to the power of flower essences.

laboratoire alors ca pousse

Flower essences in cosmetics:

Holistic cosmetics take into account the body and the mind in the formulation of its products. This cosmetic aims to heal the skin but also the emotions thanks to the smells by adapting to the emotional state of the person. We can also integrate flower essences into cosmetic products to have a more global approach to cosmetics. Balms "So Ca Grows?" »Contain flower essences to adapt to your emotional states.

fee clochette poireau alors ca pousse

Did that light up your lantern? Share with us your experiences, your questions ...

Thank you for your attention,

Agate and Gaëlle

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