Energy Body Balm, regeneration and vitality

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An ultra-nourishing body balm with a melting texture and rapid penetration, with a floral complex that regenerates, tones and revitalizes the body lacking in tone.

The Energy Balm for the body regenerates, tones and revitalizes the body lacking in tone thanks to its high concentration of top quality and local plants and vegetable oils. Noble laurel and peppermint stimulate and tone the body lacking in tone. Softening and softening thanks to the leaf and the vine flower, this treatment brings elasticity to the skin, while protecting it from premature aging. This synergy is ideal before sport, to warm up the muscles or when you feel tired.

Use it

Heat a tiny amount of balm in the hands and apply it by massaging, all over the body or a few selected areas (lower back, solar plexus, inside of the wrists, arch of the foot for example). For faster penetration, apply to slightly damp skin, after showering for example.

The little extra

The Energy Balm and its bouquet of elixirs allow you to release all tensions, in order to better awaken and stimulate our deep vital energy (nasturtium, peach, comfrey, wild garlic). The cherry blossom brings us its wave of joy and good humor, bringing us a serene and optimistic outlook on life.

Our uncompromising formulas: ingredients

Benefits & Magic Formula:

  • Regenerates and revitalizes the body
  • Smoother and more toned skin
  • Ideal when you feel tired
  • Local vegetable oils, cultivated and hand-picked flowers (vine, peppermint, cherry blossoms, comfrey, lilac etc.)


Ultra-concentrated and without preservatives :

Wishing to preserve your wonderful hydro-lipid film, we do not use preservatives and only formulate pure synergies. Our treatments are therefore ultra-concentrated, 100% of the product is active, all the ingredients are beneficial and useful for your skin. Therefore, a tiny amount of product is enough to moisturize the entire face and neck. Each cell is called upon by plants, unlike a classic lotion which contains up to 80% water, many preservatives and less than 2% active ingredients.

Economic :

In addition to their effectiveness with each application, the concentration of our formulas makes our treatments last a very long time. Indeed, a 50ml lotion lasts from 2 to 3 months depending on your uses, that is to say twice as long as a lotion of the same volume. You don't have to be an ace in mathematics to understand that our products are economical to use, we set the fairest possible prices, in line with the high quality of our materials and our meticulous work.


The quality and concentration of plant active ingredients are ensured through on-farm production of the entire process, from growing the plants, through gentle extractions to shipping. Designed entirely on the farm with love and by hand in permaculture: from seeds, cultivation, picking, maceration, through the development and manufacture of the sacred formula in our laboratory, then through labeling, packaging, and shipping.

  • 100% unique, formulated and manufactured in our own laboratory
  • 100% concentrated plants, from our own permaculture garden, on energetic mandalas
  • 100% efficient with all the process in our farm in Burgundy, guaranteed quality, freshness, optimal traceability
  • 100% made with love: cultivation, picking and manual and conscious processing, so as to diffuse a high energy power to the plants


Considering that the skin is the mirror of our emotions, we have designed sacred and unique formulas for body and soul, thanks to the power of flower essences. It is a unique extraction method aimed at recovering the vibratory essence of flowers / plants. Used to harmonize emotions, gently promote well-being. This is the energetic and vibratory aspect of our holistic beauty treatments.


Quality Nature and Progress, Slow Cosmetic, One Voice

100% Made in France and Made in Local

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